The State of Interoperability and Future Vision

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Health information interoperability is a goal that many are pursuing in diverse, sometimes seemingly competing ways. What is the current state of interoperability and where are we going? Dr. Thomas East, CEO/CIO of SYNCRONYS, New Mexico’s health information exchange (HIE), gives us an overview of the types of solutions in place today, the ways they…

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Key HEDIS Changes for 2022 and how the HIE can help

Future of Interoperability

If you are with a payer, a large medical group, or health system at risk for meeting HEDIS measures, this month’s free webinar is for you! Our three guest presenters explain key changes to HEDIS for 2022 and how the SYNCRONYS Health Information Exchange can help you improve your reported measures.

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Tips for Using the SYNCRONYS HIE Clinical Portal

Tips for users of the SYNCRONYS HIE Clinical Portal

Terri Stewart, Chief Administrative Officer, reviews Customer Satisfaction Survey results, and April Salisbury, Director of Onboarding and Training, presents information and tips for users of the SYNCRONYS HIE clinical portal, with an emphasis on navigating the patient record when unmerged records exist for the same person.  Excerpts of the webinar will be made available in…

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Collaboration and Coordination of Mental Health

Kate Dowd, from Collective Medical discusses why hospitals and ambulatory providers and clinics that provide mental health services and/or primary care should join SYNCRONYS to learn how we can work together to: drive awareness and action for individual’s holistic mental health needs across acute and ambulatory settings deliver mental health insights from ambulatory and behavioral…

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The Value of Using SYNCRONYS to Address Hepatitis C in New Mexico

Chronic hepatitis C can be a serious disease resulting in long-term health problems, including liver damage, liver failure, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and even death. It is the most common reason for liver transplantation in the United States. There were 15,713 deaths related to hepatitis C virus reported to CDC in 2018, but this is believed…

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Advance Care Planning and the SYNCRONYS HIE

2021-06-22 ACP-SYNC-VyncaGuest presenters Lori Griego, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, and Peter Shields, Vynca, explain the purpose and use of the Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (M.O.S.T.) form, how to help patients complete it, and the new Vynca tool newly integrated with the SYNCRONYS health information exchange clinical portal. By using the tool, healthcare providers can…

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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Management Use Case, Highlighting Collective Medical

Our featured guest speaker, Kate Dowd, BSW, MA, Senior Clinical Solutions Lead for Collective Medical describes how SYNCRONYS and Collective Medical are working together to: Reduce the number of New Mexico residents suffering from SUD Help providers facilitate SUD patient transitions from acute care into medication assisted treatment (MAT) facilities Guide opioid prescribing behaviors through…

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