Better Data Better Health

SYNCRONYS has embarked on an unprecedented collaboration with Collective Medical, Orion Health and Rhodes Group (a subsidiary of TriCore Reference Laboratories) to design a state-of-the-art health information exchange system for the good of health care providers and patients throughout New Mexico.

The intent is for organizations to exchange as much of the US Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) data set as possible to enhance the data available to SYNCRONYS users by either a) providing data and/or b) accessing the HIE portal. SYNCRONYS will work with you to integrate our services into your clinical workflow, based on a customized project plan and time schedule. SYNCORNYS also provides customized solutions for Public Health Reporting.

The HIE can store patient Problems List, Diagnoses, Medications, Immunizations, Allergies, Procedures, Laboratory Data, Radiology Data, Notes, Encounters, Insurance, payer membership rosters, pharmacy claims, admissions, discharge, and transfers (ADTs) on a patient. We are still growing more content with more partnerships and are working towards capturing a standard data set from all data providers.

**The ability to exchange the data in the USCDI will be required in 2021 of your certified EHR vendors.

Data delivered in a wide variety of methods designed to fit the needs of the customer

Clinical portal view of integrated data with an easy to navigate user interface (Much nicer than digging through CCD/CCDAs)

  • Log on from any browser
  • Single sign on
  • Send to my EMR functionality in the portal to save information you would like to your local EHR.
  • Compatible with enterprise single sign on (Imprivata, etc.)
  • SAML compliant for seamless full integration into any application (passes user and patient context)
  • Query/Retrieve for CCD/CCDA (Common workflow for Epic, Cerner, and other EHRs) APIs-Primarily set up to pull data from SYNCRONYS
  • FHIR APIs –Primarily set up to pull data from SYNCRONYS, but can be used to push data if EHR will accept it
  • BI SQL query interface
  • Push CCD, HL7, PDF, MS Excel® spreadsheet, document to a remote printer, etc. (Customer defines required data, event trigger/schedule, format, transport, and deliver it)
  • Real time HL7 event notification
  • Direct Secure Messaging with attachments (CCD/CCDA and any other document)